Waiting For You Status Messages Images, Pictures For Whatsapp DP

Waiting for your dear ones makes your days worth living. Sometimes our wait will be paid generously and sometimes our wait extends. Express all that's in your heart with our cool collection of waiting for you status messages images, pictures for Whatsapp Dp, FB profile picture, FB Cover picture. Through these pictures say to your love that you live to wait for her or him. Say them that you await his or her return or arrival. Just scroll down to find more waiting for you quotes Dps.

    Waiting for You, only You.

    I wait for You, forever.

    Days may pass into months, months may pass into years, and years may pass into decades, but I will always keep waiting for you. - Avijeet Das

    Waiting for your love is always a pleasant experience. Waiting for your love knowing that she will come is pleasant, but waiting for love who may not come is a mystery. Living that mystery is hard. Here are some beautiful "Waiting for You" status messages images, pictures for Whatsapp Dp that will give you good choices of updating your Whatsapp Dp. Just scroll down to explore more.

    Even though the time changes every second, my feelings remain the same. - Sheldon Pereira

    You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for. - Craig Bruce

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